There are some interesting light installation at Walsh Bay. A must see show is the Monad which is a combination of light, water & music show.

Monad, Walsh Bay, Piers 1/2

Projected onto a mist of water from a series of jets, Monad floats as a 3D display mid-air to create a moment of stillness and self reflection.

Bump and Sway, Walsh Bay, Between Piers 3/4

The waters of Walsh Bay are constantly pushed and pulled into different sized ripples and swell. At Bump and Sway Walsh Bay, motion sensors attached to twelve of the floating poles between piers 3 and 4 to translates these movements into a dance of light on the water.

Ghosts, Walsh Bay, Pier 4/5 Breezeway

A symbol of health and vitality for those who need it, the cranes of Ghosts fly high and dart in and out of the breezeway between piers at Walsh Bay.

SPIROGRAPH, Walsh Bay, Piers 8/9

Spirograph is the latest water fountain to offer a moment of respite in our city, a splash of restorative nature.

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